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Hey everyone,

I’m posting from the Portland airport. Here’s me right now:

I guess the one good thing about being stranded here for 4 hours is I can catch up on some internet business! I’m excited to share some of my recent pictures with you. I’ve just got back from an amazing camping trip in Eastern/central Oregon. Some tattoos pics to share as well, of course.

First off though– My dear friend Peter is making an album! I’m been fortunate enough to be active in some of the music making. He’s raising moneys to press the vinyl etc. Want to help make a dream come true? Donate to his kick starter! Only 49 hours left to be a part of something awesome. Even a few dollars helps! Peter Rainbeau kickstarter !

In case you’re wondering, Sweedeedee Cafe had an awesome first few days. I’ve been in every day! Be sure to check up on the blog for pictures of the happenings. Sweedeedee Cafe



CAMPING is my favorite thing.


Then home again and back to work!


More progress on this. Gettin’ that old tattoo covered!



Grant came in and got an awesome nautilus in red.


Lots of progress on this piece! More like this please!


Summer snuggles

Signing off….



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