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Today, song first.


I’m going to see the BOSS tonight!!! I’m soooooooo excited. Holy shit. Its going to be incredible.


I’ve been getting ready…

Even sketched up some Springsteen tattoo ideas. C’mon, you know you want one. Dying to do a Springsteen inspired tat.


Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.









I did some tattoos too.

Finished this piece based on a painting by the lovely Lindsey Carr. This was soooo fun.


Got healed pics of this guy! Based on original print by my client Megan Hanley. Thanks Megan!


Started this kitty portrait.





Literary flash day to benefit Write Around Portland and Books to Prisoners! I still want to tattoo my painting of Buckbeak, and ANYTHING Lonesome Dove related. Thanks to everyone who came out!


“Unbearable Lightness of Being” Sorry for the poor quality pics


Watership down!


Lovely feather tattoo on a lovely lady.


Started this snake piece. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE.


DEATHLY HALLOWS. I want to do more Harry Potter tattoos. SERIOUSLY.




Drawing pretty things.




Ok, I have to go watch basketball and then SEE THE BOSS. Until next time,





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Wow, I just spend soooo long making you guys a new blog post and then wordpress somehow lost it. Damn. Lucky for you, I am sick in bed so I guess have time to redo it.

Hi and happy fall. I know I always say, “I’ve been so busy lately…” but I really have been SO BUSY lately. October went by so fast! As some of you may have noticed, I cancelled my tattoo facebook page. I just wasn’t using it for tattoos anymore now that I have the blog. Plus, I’m on the instagram now too (missymissylady) which is a great way to keep up with happenings. In any case, I still have a page.¬† Like, share, etc. Thank you.

I really really really really want pictures of your healed tattoos. Please send them to me or stop into the shop! It is really important.

Ok, enough talk.

Here’s some photos.




more like this please.


stuff in progress.



This piece is based on an original painting by the lovely Lindsey Carr. More like this please!


blood looks cool sometimes


Icon babes at the Portland Tattoo Expo. Icon represent!


convention swag. Prints by Shae McAfee.


cat approved.


You know whats really exciting? BASKETBALL SEASON



rainy day drawings. I’m pretty interested in doing some tattoos that are reminiscent of this style. Hit me up if you’re interested.







I did a really nerdy painting for a Game of Thrones fan art show. Its up all month at Reading Frenzy. Do you want this tattooed on you? Its up for grabs.


cancellation? Sailor jerry why not! Kirsten and I did these for fun last week. Even though I often do really pretty delicate stuff I REALLY like doing this sort of thing too. Just sayin.


Ok, thanks. More soon.


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