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Hello friends. I hope you and yours had a lovely holidays. The end of 2012 marks many things, but also my ten year anniversary of living in this beautiful place. January so far has been so busy! So many new projects for you to check out. Also, I am booking into April/May right now so if you want to schedule something before the sun comes out, get in touch with me. If I owe you an email, I am so sorry for my negligence. I have trouble hanging with every email that comes through and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Feel free to send me a follow up email and nag me a bit.

Anyways, happy new year.

shasta sundown

first sketch 2013

southern oregon sky

SC feet

CA academy of sciences


First tattoo of 2013 was on my dear friend Essence. She came up from the bay area to get this tattoo of her kitty. We met in 7th grade! So awesome to get to tattoo and hang out with an old friend.

cleo tattoo

e & I

Like I said, lots of new projects.


Started this cover up on Leeann. I am SO excited about these native pacific northwest plants. Foxglove, maidenhair, trillium.

maidenhair stencil

leeann outline

Lavender sprig on Christine.


Poppies on Leslie. Fill coming soon.


Almond branch on Lindsey. Lindsey came from California to visit her lovely sister and get tattooed. Thanks Lindsey!


Hazelnut outline for Kari’s sweet dog. Black and grey shading coming soon!



As you can see, I’ve been doing a LOT of botanical work lately. I am loving it! Pretty excited about doing some traditionally influenced pieces in between, and animals too. If anyone wants any Angelique Houtkamp flash, get in touch! I really want to tattoo one of her pieces.

“Let the good times roll” NOLA tattoo on my friend Azmo. Amzo sat like a champ and brought me plants and chocolate and coffee. Thanks Azmo!!!!


sun run

sun run

new home. some of us are a bit confused.

mei kat

Finished this piece before the holidays! More like this please!!!


This was so fun. This was based on a drawing from a comic book (that I can’t remember the name of). When I post healed pics I’ll have a proper reference.

casondra 1

wolf 2

work space

drawing wall

teeny tiny

penny farthing

Got to do this little sailor jerry horseshoe on Candace the other day. I really like doing little traditional tattoos in between all the delicate fancy stuff. More like this please!!!


winter home times.

winter times

somewhere in there, I did some drawing for fun. Yew wood cross sections.


Ok, I gotta get to work so I can make more things to share with you guys! Happy 10 year Portland anniversary to me. More soon.


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