In between all the fun, I’ve been working a lot.

Got to start this.


recognize this?





Forest things sketches.



More like this please!


Got to add some pretty flowers to Hillary’s Hokusai arm. Were almost done with this piece!







More progress on this.






Desert sleeve is finished! Not very good pictures, healed pics coming soon. More like this please!






Got this amazing new backpack. Made in PDX by a lovely guy. Check it out


Until next time…





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Hey everyone,

I’m posting from the Portland airport. Here’s me right now:

I guess the one good thing about being stranded here for 4 hours is I can catch up on some internet business! I’m excited to share some of my recent pictures with you. I’ve just got back from an amazing camping trip in Eastern/central Oregon. Some tattoos pics to share as well, of course.

First off though– My dear friend Peter is making an album! I’m been fortunate enough to be active in some of the music making. He’s raising moneys to press the vinyl etc. Want to help make a dream come true? Donate to his kick starter! Only 49 hours left to be a part of something awesome. Even a few dollars helps! Peter Rainbeau kickstarter !

In case you’re wondering, Sweedeedee Cafe had an awesome first few days. I’ve been in every day! Be sure to check up on the blog for pictures of the happenings. Sweedeedee Cafe



CAMPING is my favorite thing.


Then home again and back to work!


More progress on this. Gettin’ that old tattoo covered!



Grant came in and got an awesome nautilus in red.


Lots of progress on this piece! More like this please!


Summer snuggles

Signing off….


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Its summer in Portland, the best time of year. I’m going to be out of town intermittently over the next few weeks people. I will be back at work in full force for the last couple weeks of August.

I have something really important before I get on to the usual business. One of my best friends in the whole world is OPENING A CAFE called Sweedeedee.  Coffee. Breakfast. Lunch. TONIGHT there is a little to do in honor of the cafe opening. N. Albina and Sumner. 4-8.



Apricot preserves.


Paintin’ knees.


Bar paintin’


Sammies, beers and blueprints.





I am so excited for Sweedeedee you guys. I hope that you’ll go check it out! Its going to be the best ever.



amazing gift from a client.









Started color on one of the biggest cover ups I’ve ever done.

wild cucumber.


More big cover up work.



grandma tribute.


Hokusai. More like this please!


Added on to three existing Eucalyptus leaves. Little gumnut babies hangin’ out in there too.



Dahlias, finished!


Happy summer guys. I’m going camping.






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Hello everyone. I bet you’ve been wondering, “when is there going to be a new blog post???”  Or perhaps, “when is Alena going to respond to my email?” Well, wonder no longer! Here I am with LOTS of fun pictures to share with you. Also, I am slowly but surely catching up with my MASSIVE amount of emails. I have been travelling a bit lately, hence quite behind with some work. Thank you for being patient.

So anyways,

I went to New York.

Coming home is always the best.

NYC bagels Portland style.

Some new things at work. I moved upstairs!


Work silly stuff.

finished this tattoo on a lovely lady.

Heather workin’ the counter while gettin’ inked

Been working more in this exciting cover up. Color coming soon!

drawing straight on Sami’s arm!

Tattooing Lisa!

Candace and I at Costco “getting work done”

shop shopping

The usual forest times






Brontosaurus in frame. Her last name is “Erb,” hence, “erbivore.” Brilliant.

Last but not least, Twin Peaks flash days were a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out! It was our favorite flash day we’ve ever done. In fact, I expect its going to become a tradition now.

Mike as Jerry Horne. Butter and brie– doesn’t get any better.

Thanks to our friends next door, Lowell, we had donuts and coffee! Damn fine.

post costumes…

Celebrating the end of a long couple of flash days.

Until next time….





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Its high time for a new post. SO much fun lately!

First of all, I went on vacation with my best friends from home. These ladies are THE MOST. Words cannot describe how fun this trip was.

My birthday! Another year gone by. My besties planned the most magical day ever. I just found out were going parasailing.

Its pretty hard to say no to a free birthday shot. Even if it is 11 am.

My mom made me this birthday cake.

I got to come home to this beast.

Back to work for a bit….

Georgia forever.

After work shenanigans.

Fun tattoo on Keegan! Keegan makes our business cards and he’s a lovely fella to boot.

so excited about this.

epic weather lately.

my favorite word.

healed pics of grant’s seaflowers. I love this tattoo.

Then I went to the coast for a belated birthday celebration with my favorite Portland ladies. This year was officially my favorite birthday ever.

Melanie doesn’t really care for the beach.


Icon ladies on the ROAD!

Ok, I gotta go. I’m totally late for work. More soon people! XO


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Well, hi. This is my last blog post before I go on a brief respite out of town.  I have so many pictures to share, so I’ll spare you the words and get right to it.

I have been tattooing A LOT lately and I’ve gotten to do/start some pretty rad projects…

Cat with umbrella. More like this please!

Friendship tattoos with rad ladies.

Started 2 massive cover ups last week that are both really exciting. Bye old tattoos.


beer thirty.

carrot tattoo! tiny bunnies!

Cera came from Seattle to get this done. Thanks Cera!

Kinda bloody.

One day I got cancelled on and so I did a walk in. I still got it y’all!

Kirsten tattooing Kirsten!

Oyster mushrooms. These will get color someday.


This was a super fun translation of a print by my client, Megan Hanley. Rabbits superimposed above Mt. Hood. She is walking in the Mercury fashion show next week and also has an opening at a gallery in the pearl for first Thursday this month. Check it out!

TREATS!!! Thank you Keegan and Carmen.

I’ve only had 2 days off in the last 2 weeks. One of the days I did this.

this picture is for my coworker Kirsten. ❤

I love my Danner hiking boots. Thanks Derek!

Then, the following week I did this.

pretty excited.

Have I mentioned how much I like to be outside? It is by far my most favorite thing in the whole world. Get out there people, its spring in Oregon!

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting cat pictures.

Sometimes its hard to get out of bed.

Ok, cool. Now that I’ve officially bombarded you all with a million pictures, I think I’ll get goin’. I’m going to be on VACATION for the next couple weeks so I wont be in the shop or emailing at all. If I owe you one, don’t worry, I’m going to write about fifty emails before I leave. Also, when I return from vacation I will have had a birthday. Feel free to leave me birthday presents on my desk. Go outside!!! XO


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Hey everyone. Its almost may, which means a lot of things. Spring, birthday, vacation, and lots of work. I’ll be gone in mid may for 10 days, which means I will not be on the internet or drawing or tattooing at all!!! Thanks for understanding.

Its been too long since my last post. Unfortunately, I’ve had some technology fails and some of my favorite pics I took lately are nowhere to be found. I’ll get ’em back soon enough, but in the mean time, here’s a few to tide you over:

I started this outline of prairie grasses on Jac. I LOVE this tattoo and I can’t wait to work on it again. Color soon to come.

I also started this giant unicorn. Also, SO FUN.

For easter we had secret easter bunny gift exchange. I got Niki.

On actual easter, Kirsten and I did these on each other.

healing and peeling totoro.

Dear friends in town + adventures

Seattle. I had a lot of cool pictures from Seattle that are lost somewhere on the hard drive of my new computer. Bummer.

Also got to do this craft tattoo on Shannon. This was great. I don’t get to do stuff like this very often but I love doing it.

Animal stuff.

2012 BLAZERS SELECT A SEAT! This is where season ticket holders get to wander around on the court.

Were pointing at our section. From the Blazer bench.



A funny situation in which we were stranded in Central Oregon.

Thats all I’ve got for now friends. Thanks for looking. See you next time.




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