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Hello all. I’ve been so very behind with blogging lately. Its been a busy time! I just wanted to share a bunch of photos before I take off for a little break this week. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…



maiden hair fern




chest wreath, in progress. Purple is stencil, not tattooed yet. this is SO FUN.

andrew in progress


andrew 2


very red hazelnut branch. super excited to see this healed up.




constellation and golden rectangle




moth on eloise!!!



cover up in progress. bye old dragon tattoo!

nicole drawing


black and grey poppy on Lauren. Thanks Lauren!



Finally got to finish Tarah’s pet arm!



Finally got healed pictures of this piece as well. Ship with lace border, clover and lilac. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!




Adams fly on an old friend.


adams fly


black and grey horse on Clayton. More like this please!!!




This piece is SO FUN and on such a lovely lady! Merlin bird of prey with geometric designs, holding a braid in its claws. Also, a little Bruce Springsteen shout out. I rreeeeeaaaalllly want to do more work with these kind of elements.




progress on Leeann’s pacific northwest cover up. Leeann is such a champ!


leeann progress


film strip on Scott. Scott makes movies and gets cool tattoos.




Portland themed tattoo. I am so excited about this, can’t wait to work on it more. Portland skyline, chanterelle, sword fern, and roses.

allison stencil


allison outline


paint nights at Icon

paint night


Hey, I painted something (sailor jerry, not mine) I am always interested in tattooing stuff like this. Just sayin’.



I started this tattoo last night and it is my last work before vacation! Anita is lovely and brought me a bottle of wine. Thanks Anita!

anita stencil


anita start


Been working on a collaboration with Studio Olivine. Stay tuned for some kick ass art from Julie and I.

julie and I


Also, so many day adventures and sweet home times.

hamilton mountain


Ham mountain






scrabble cat


scrabble cat




home garden




mei kat


just kids


pot pie


first trillium I saw this year!








more view

spring days


sleepy mei


Ashley took me to the ballet.

swan lake

swan lake


saddle mountain.

saddle mountain




ice ice


saddle mountain


as many gorge hikes as possible!




on top




Ok bye guys!!! I’ll be sure to post some pictures from MEXICO in my next post. Happy spring! mei kat vet




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Today, song first.


I’m going to see the BOSS tonight!!! I’m soooooooo excited. Holy shit. Its going to be incredible.


I’ve been getting ready…

Even sketched up some Springsteen tattoo ideas. C’mon, you know you want one. Dying to do a Springsteen inspired tat.


Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.









I did some tattoos too.

Finished this piece based on a painting by the lovely Lindsey Carr. This was soooo fun.


Got healed pics of this guy! Based on original print by my client Megan Hanley. Thanks Megan!


Started this kitty portrait.





Literary flash day to benefit Write Around Portland and Books to Prisoners! I still want to tattoo my painting of Buckbeak, and ANYTHING Lonesome Dove related. Thanks to everyone who came out!


“Unbearable Lightness of Being” Sorry for the poor quality pics


Watership down!


Lovely feather tattoo on a lovely lady.


Started this snake piece. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE.


DEATHLY HALLOWS. I want to do more Harry Potter tattoos. SERIOUSLY.




Drawing pretty things.




Ok, I have to go watch basketball and then SEE THE BOSS. Until next time,




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Wow, I just spend soooo long making you guys a new blog post and then wordpress somehow lost it. Damn. Lucky for you, I am sick in bed so I guess have time to redo it.

Hi and happy fall. I know I always say, “I’ve been so busy lately…” but I really have been SO BUSY lately. October went by so fast! As some of you may have noticed, I cancelled my tattoo facebook page. I just wasn’t using it for tattoos anymore now that I have the blog. Plus, I’m on the instagram now too (missymissylady) which is a great way to keep up with happenings. In any case, I still have a page. http://www.facebook.com/alenachuntattoo. Like, share, etc. Thank you.

I really really really really want pictures of your healed tattoos. Please send them to me or stop into the shop! It is really important.

Ok, enough talk.

Here’s some photos.




more like this please.


stuff in progress.



This piece is based on an original painting by the lovely Lindsey Carr. More like this please!


blood looks cool sometimes


Icon babes at the Portland Tattoo Expo. Icon represent!


convention swag. Prints by Shae McAfee.


cat approved.


You know whats really exciting? BASKETBALL SEASON



rainy day drawings. I’m pretty interested in doing some tattoos that are reminiscent of this style. Hit me up if you’re interested.







I did a really nerdy painting for a Game of Thrones fan art show. Its up all month at Reading Frenzy. Do you want this tattooed on you? Its up for grabs.


cancellation? Sailor jerry why not! Kirsten and I did these for fun last week. Even though I often do really pretty delicate stuff I REALLY like doing this sort of thing too. Just sayin.


Ok, thanks. More soon.


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Hey everyone,

I’m posting from the Portland airport. Here’s me right now:

I guess the one good thing about being stranded here for 4 hours is I can catch up on some internet business! I’m excited to share some of my recent pictures with you. I’ve just got back from an amazing camping trip in Eastern/central Oregon. Some tattoos pics to share as well, of course.

First off though– My dear friend Peter is making an album! I’m been fortunate enough to be active in some of the music making. He’s raising moneys to press the vinyl etc. Want to help make a dream come true? Donate to his kick starter! Only 49 hours left to be a part of something awesome. Even a few dollars helps! Peter Rainbeau kickstarter !

In case you’re wondering, Sweedeedee Cafe had an awesome first few days. I’ve been in every day! Be sure to check up on the blog for pictures of the happenings. Sweedeedee Cafe



CAMPING is my favorite thing.


Then home again and back to work!


More progress on this. Gettin’ that old tattoo covered!



Grant came in and got an awesome nautilus in red.


Lots of progress on this piece! More like this please!


Summer snuggles

Signing off….


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Its summer in Portland, the best time of year. I’m going to be out of town intermittently over the next few weeks people. I will be back at work in full force for the last couple weeks of August.

I have something really important before I get on to the usual business. One of my best friends in the whole world is OPENING A CAFE called Sweedeedee.  Coffee. Breakfast. Lunch. TONIGHT there is a little to do in honor of the cafe opening. N. Albina and Sumner. 4-8.



Apricot preserves.


Paintin’ knees.


Bar paintin’


Sammies, beers and blueprints.





I am so excited for Sweedeedee you guys. I hope that you’ll go check it out! Its going to be the best ever.



amazing gift from a client.









Started color on one of the biggest cover ups I’ve ever done.

wild cucumber.


More big cover up work.



grandma tribute.


Hokusai. More like this please!


Added on to three existing Eucalyptus leaves. Little gumnut babies hangin’ out in there too.



Dahlias, finished!


Happy summer guys. I’m going camping.






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Well, hi. This is my last blog post before I go on a brief respite out of town.  I have so many pictures to share, so I’ll spare you the words and get right to it.

I have been tattooing A LOT lately and I’ve gotten to do/start some pretty rad projects…

Cat with umbrella. More like this please!

Friendship tattoos with rad ladies.

Started 2 massive cover ups last week that are both really exciting. Bye old tattoos.


beer thirty.

carrot tattoo! tiny bunnies!

Cera came from Seattle to get this done. Thanks Cera!

Kinda bloody.

One day I got cancelled on and so I did a walk in. I still got it y’all!

Kirsten tattooing Kirsten!

Oyster mushrooms. These will get color someday.


This was a super fun translation of a print by my client, Megan Hanley. Rabbits superimposed above Mt. Hood. She is walking in the Mercury fashion show next week and also has an opening at a gallery in the pearl for first Thursday this month. Check it out!

TREATS!!! Thank you Keegan and Carmen.

I’ve only had 2 days off in the last 2 weeks. One of the days I did this.

this picture is for my coworker Kirsten. ❤

I love my Danner hiking boots. Thanks Derek!

Then, the following week I did this.

pretty excited.

Have I mentioned how much I like to be outside? It is by far my most favorite thing in the whole world. Get out there people, its spring in Oregon!

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting cat pictures.

Sometimes its hard to get out of bed.

Ok, cool. Now that I’ve officially bombarded you all with a million pictures, I think I’ll get goin’. I’m going to be on VACATION for the next couple weeks so I wont be in the shop or emailing at all. If I owe you one, don’t worry, I’m going to write about fifty emails before I leave. Also, when I return from vacation I will have had a birthday. Feel free to leave me birthday presents on my desk. Go outside!!! XO


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hey guys. Life has been very eventful lately. I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!

worked some more on this piece.

I started this super awesome potato plant on a friend of mine who is a farmer. Yeah Brie!

morning bed drawing.

I finished this pretty cover up on a super nice gal. The old tattoo was a dragonfly. Sorry for the blood.


friends tattooing friends

cat in a box

Ocean back piece in progress…


general shop silliness

Paper samples for my new FANCY business cards. They are going to be SO awesome.

Hey, and I got a new tattoo from Kirsten! It totally didn’t even hurt. I just like to sit with my scarf over my face.

Game of thrones. If you don’t know what that is, you should. Super nerdy. Just like me.

lots of quiet time lately.

And now, you get your song, finally. This is one will change your life.

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