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Hello all. I’ve been so very behind with blogging lately. Its been a busy time! I just wanted to share a bunch of photos before I take off for a little break this week. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…



maiden hair fern




chest wreath, in progress. Purple is stencil, not tattooed yet. this is SO FUN.

andrew in progress


andrew 2


very red hazelnut branch. super excited to see this healed up.




constellation and golden rectangle




moth on eloise!!!



cover up in progress. bye old dragon tattoo!

nicole drawing


black and grey poppy on Lauren. Thanks Lauren!



Finally got to finish Tarah’s pet arm!



Finally got healed pictures of this piece as well. Ship with lace border, clover and lilac. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!




Adams fly on an old friend.


adams fly


black and grey horse on Clayton. More like this please!!!




This piece is SO FUN and on such a lovely lady! Merlin bird of prey with geometric designs, holding a braid in its claws. Also, a little Bruce Springsteen shout out. I rreeeeeaaaalllly want to do more work with these kind of elements.




progress on Leeann’s pacific northwest cover up. Leeann is such a champ!


leeann progress


film strip on Scott. Scott makes movies and gets cool tattoos.




Portland themed tattoo. I am so excited about this, can’t wait to work on it more. Portland skyline, chanterelle, sword fern, and roses.

allison stencil


allison outline


paint nights at Icon

paint night


Hey, I painted something (sailor jerry, not mine) I am always interested in tattooing stuff like this. Just sayin’.



I started this tattoo last night and it is my last work before vacation! Anita is lovely and brought me a bottle of wine. Thanks Anita!

anita stencil


anita start


Been working on a collaboration with Studio Olivine. Stay tuned for some kick ass art from Julie and I.

julie and I


Also, so many day adventures and sweet home times.

hamilton mountain


Ham mountain






scrabble cat


scrabble cat




home garden




mei kat


just kids


pot pie


first trillium I saw this year!








more view

spring days


sleepy mei


Ashley took me to the ballet.

swan lake

swan lake


saddle mountain.

saddle mountain




ice ice


saddle mountain


as many gorge hikes as possible!




on top




Ok bye guys!!! I’ll be sure to post some pictures from MEXICO in my next post. Happy spring! mei kat vet




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Hi Guys. Happy super bowl sunday. Today is a good day to be from California.


Its february now.

IMG_1396 IMG_0531

Got some new books! Really dying to do some Angelique Houtkamp flash. Get it!


Getting a lot of help with drawings lately.


Serenity on Cassondra. Thanks Cassondra!

IMG_1036 IMG_1030

Leeann’s PNW cover up outline healed. Maidenhair, floxglove, trillium. Color coming soon.

IMG_1052 IMG_1053

Russell st. evenings.


I recently was a hair model for my friends at Arabella Salon. Thanks for including me ladies, that was so fun! You should get your hair done there. http://www.arabellasalon.com/

IMG_1087 IMG_1202

More help with drawing.


Boys at work.


Matt came from Baltimore to get this started last week. This was his first tattoo! What a trooper. We’ll be finishing at the end of this month. Thanks Matt!



IMG_1146 IMG_1147


IMG_1148 IMG_1156



So excited about my trade with Elias from Lemolo baggage. Here we are visiting Elias in studio.


LOOK at this amazing pack I had made for Ash. Perfect for commuting, adventures, motorcycling and the like. Thanks Elias!!! I’ve had my backpack for awhile now and couldn’t be more pleased. Please check out Lemolo bags. I’ve never seen nicer work. http://lemolobaggage.com/


Really excited about this sleeve I just started. Lace, roses, raven, compass. Skye is a badass and let me do this entire outline on her in one go. About 4.5 hours. Thanks Skye!

IMG_1261 IMG_1292

Also just started this on Megan. So excited about this pretty lady. More like this please! Go see Megan at Urban Waxx. She’s the BEST.

IMG_1326 IMG_1262 IMG_1370

New shader from Paco Rollins.




wee pennyfarthing. camelia peeking in by me too!





Thats all the news thats fit to print. More coming soon! Time to go watch football. 

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Hello friends. I hope you and yours had a lovely holidays. The end of 2012 marks many things, but also my ten year anniversary of living in this beautiful place. January so far has been so busy! So many new projects for you to check out. Also, I am booking into April/May right now so if you want to schedule something before the sun comes out, get in touch with me. If I owe you an email, I am so sorry for my negligence. I have trouble hanging with every email that comes through and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Feel free to send me a follow up email and nag me a bit.

Anyways, happy new year.

shasta sundown

first sketch 2013

southern oregon sky

SC feet

CA academy of sciences


First tattoo of 2013 was on my dear friend Essence. She came up from the bay area to get this tattoo of her kitty. We met in 7th grade! So awesome to get to tattoo and hang out with an old friend.

cleo tattoo

e & I

Like I said, lots of new projects.


Started this cover up on Leeann. I am SO excited about these native pacific northwest plants. Foxglove, maidenhair, trillium.

maidenhair stencil

leeann outline

Lavender sprig on Christine.


Poppies on Leslie. Fill coming soon.


Almond branch on Lindsey. Lindsey came from California to visit her lovely sister and get tattooed. Thanks Lindsey!


Hazelnut outline for Kari’s sweet dog. Black and grey shading coming soon!



As you can see, I’ve been doing a LOT of botanical work lately. I am loving it! Pretty excited about doing some traditionally influenced pieces in between, and animals too. If anyone wants any Angelique Houtkamp flash, get in touch! I really want to tattoo one of her pieces.

“Let the good times roll” NOLA tattoo on my friend Azmo. Amzo sat like a champ and brought me plants and chocolate and coffee. Thanks Azmo!!!!


sun run

sun run

new home. some of us are a bit confused.

mei kat

Finished this piece before the holidays! More like this please!!!


This was so fun. This was based on a drawing from a comic book (that I can’t remember the name of). When I post healed pics I’ll have a proper reference.

casondra 1

wolf 2

work space

drawing wall

teeny tiny

penny farthing

Got to do this little sailor jerry horseshoe on Candace the other day. I really like doing little traditional tattoos in between all the delicate fancy stuff. More like this please!!!


winter home times.

winter times

somewhere in there, I did some drawing for fun. Yew wood cross sections.


Ok, I gotta get to work so I can make more things to share with you guys! Happy 10 year Portland anniversary to me. More soon.

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One last post before Christmas time. Please note that I’ll be gone from work through new years.

Christmas time is here.


Lots of fun stuff as of late.

Did these loteria cards on the backs of Nic’s arms. This was super fun. More like this please.



Started this floral cover up. These are all pacific northwest flowers.

SIMG_9885 IMG_9889


Got to finish Emily’s owl.




My client made me this awesome embroidery! Thanks Rachelle!




More progress on this piece. Better pics coming soon.






winter snuggles.


Pedersen let me do a Bruce Springsteen inspired tattoo on him!

IMG_0076 IMG_0077 IMG_0080



Small, sweet fish hook for his pops.



Black capped chicadees with neighborhood map.


holiday doodles


Got to work on this PNW black and grey forest piece more. MORE LIKE THIS


dreaming of cozy winter times.


and of course, winter adventures.

IMG_0303 IMG_0323 IMG_0325 IMG_0332


Have an awesome holiday everyone! See you in the new year with lots of fun photos to share….

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December 19, 2012 · 11:47 pm



Today, song first.


I’m going to see the BOSS tonight!!! I’m soooooooo excited. Holy shit. Its going to be incredible.


I’ve been getting ready…

Even sketched up some Springsteen tattoo ideas. C’mon, you know you want one. Dying to do a Springsteen inspired tat.


Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.









I did some tattoos too.

Finished this piece based on a painting by the lovely Lindsey Carr. This was soooo fun.


Got healed pics of this guy! Based on original print by my client Megan Hanley. Thanks Megan!


Started this kitty portrait.





Literary flash day to benefit Write Around Portland and Books to Prisoners! I still want to tattoo my painting of Buckbeak, and ANYTHING Lonesome Dove related. Thanks to everyone who came out!


“Unbearable Lightness of Being” Sorry for the poor quality pics


Watership down!


Lovely feather tattoo on a lovely lady.


Started this snake piece. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE.


DEATHLY HALLOWS. I want to do more Harry Potter tattoos. SERIOUSLY.




Drawing pretty things.




Ok, I have to go watch basketball and then SEE THE BOSS. Until next time,




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Wow, I just spend soooo long making you guys a new blog post and then wordpress somehow lost it. Damn. Lucky for you, I am sick in bed so I guess have time to redo it.

Hi and happy fall. I know I always say, “I’ve been so busy lately…” but I really have been SO BUSY lately. October went by so fast! As some of you may have noticed, I cancelled my tattoo facebook page. I just wasn’t using it for tattoos anymore now that I have the blog. Plus, I’m on the instagram now too (missymissylady) which is a great way to keep up with happenings. In any case, I still have a page. http://www.facebook.com/alenachuntattoo. Like, share, etc. Thank you.

I really really really really want pictures of your healed tattoos. Please send them to me or stop into the shop! It is really important.

Ok, enough talk.

Here’s some photos.




more like this please.


stuff in progress.



This piece is based on an original painting by the lovely Lindsey Carr. More like this please!


blood looks cool sometimes


Icon babes at the Portland Tattoo Expo. Icon represent!


convention swag. Prints by Shae McAfee.


cat approved.


You know whats really exciting? BASKETBALL SEASON



rainy day drawings. I’m pretty interested in doing some tattoos that are reminiscent of this style. Hit me up if you’re interested.







I did a really nerdy painting for a Game of Thrones fan art show. Its up all month at Reading Frenzy. Do you want this tattooed on you? Its up for grabs.


cancellation? Sailor jerry why not! Kirsten and I did these for fun last week. Even though I often do really pretty delicate stuff I REALLY like doing this sort of thing too. Just sayin.


Ok, thanks. More soon.


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End of summer, start to fall.

Busy, as usual…



Finally got to tattoo Candace…



Got to design the front of a card for my dear farmer friend. If you live in California, check it out: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Everett-Family-Farm/194475597235211


Joey Ortega from Triple Crown Tattoo in Austin, TX came and guested at Icon. Super fun. My turn to be the client…


Melanie and I sporting our new tattoos in the park.


This guy.


small cat sketches


Started some super fun projects lately.


Based on a painting by Lindsey Carr. Pretty excited about this piece. More like this please!



Another super super fun one. Please excuse the not so good pictures.



fall adventures





More tattoos and adventures to share soon! Thanks guys.



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