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Hello all. I’ve been so very behind with blogging lately. Its been a busy time! I just wanted to share a bunch of photos before I take off for a little break this week. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…



maiden hair fern




chest wreath, in progress. Purple is stencil, not tattooed yet. this is SO FUN.

andrew in progress


andrew 2


very red hazelnut branch. super excited to see this healed up.




constellation and golden rectangle




moth on eloise!!!



cover up in progress. bye old dragon tattoo!

nicole drawing


black and grey poppy on Lauren. Thanks Lauren!



Finally got to finish Tarah’s pet arm!



Finally got healed pictures of this piece as well. Ship with lace border, clover and lilac. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!




Adams fly on an old friend.


adams fly


black and grey horse on Clayton. More like this please!!!




This piece is SO FUN and on such a lovely lady! Merlin bird of prey with geometric designs, holding a braid in its claws. Also, a little Bruce Springsteen shout out. I rreeeeeaaaalllly want to do more work with these kind of elements.




progress on Leeann’s pacific northwest cover up. Leeann is such a champ!


leeann progress


film strip on Scott. Scott makes movies and gets cool tattoos.




Portland themed tattoo. I am so excited about this, can’t wait to work on it more. Portland skyline, chanterelle, sword fern, and roses.

allison stencil


allison outline


paint nights at Icon

paint night


Hey, I painted something (sailor jerry, not mine) I am always interested in tattooing stuff like this. Just sayin’.



I started this tattoo last night and it is my last work before vacation! Anita is lovely and brought me a bottle of wine. Thanks Anita!

anita stencil


anita start


Been working on a collaboration with Studio Olivine. Stay tuned for some kick ass art from Julie and I.

julie and I


Also, so many day adventures and sweet home times.

hamilton mountain


Ham mountain






scrabble cat


scrabble cat




home garden




mei kat


just kids


pot pie


first trillium I saw this year!








more view

spring days


sleepy mei


Ashley took me to the ballet.

swan lake

swan lake


saddle mountain.

saddle mountain




ice ice


saddle mountain


as many gorge hikes as possible!




on top




Ok bye guys!!! I’ll be sure to post some pictures from MEXICO in my next post. Happy spring! mei kat vet




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Hey dudes! Welcome to my first blog post on my bright and shiny new blog! I’m glad I get to fit one post into 2011. Can you believe the year is already ending?? Its almost Christmas. I have so many tattoo pictures to share with you.

My last appointment before I head to California was so fun! I started a really pretty ship with roses in a bit of an old school style sprinkled on top. The ship is sailing on clouds instead of water. Neat!


Also this week I started a really pretty lace piece on Julia’s shoulder. Julia is awesome at making clothes and you should check out her website. http://www.juliagarey.com/ She’s making me a dress! I am so excited!


This was a super fun little tattoo I did of the Keith Haring “TV dog.” What an awesome idea for a tattoo.

Continuing to work more on the dandelions and succulents lower leg piece that I’ve been doing. I love this piece! It has been so much fun to do!

More things I’ve added to the desert half sleeve!!! This project is so fun! I love desert plants and creatures. How about that desert mouse? SO CUTE.


This is not a very good photo (sorry) but this was a fun walk in I did of an art nouveau styled all black piece, drawn by the client. There are lots of acorns. I really love acorns.

We finally got our Christmas tree! It was a very festive weekend full of Christmas merrymaking, tree decorating, muppet christmas carol (best xmas movie EVER), and the nutcracker. My cat really wants to knock all the ornaments off the tree and then eat them. Well, can’t blame her. Its her first Christmas!

I’ll leave you with a special winter song:

Happy holidays everyone! More blogging from me coming soon!!!!


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